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Wordwide surprise - A campaign with and for children

By exchanging self-made gifts, children's groups come into contact and get to know each other. The campaign WORLDWIDE SURPRISE combines fun with intercultural learning and international sharing. It provides children with the opportunity to widen their cultural horizons and to promote the idea of a more equitable world. 

WORLDWIDE SURPRISE can be played all the year round. Religious educational materials and Sunday School resources for Christmas (in German only), on fair trade, on other countries and religions and on the topic of ecology can also be ordered from the EMS Online Shop.

How to join and be a part of the worldwide surprise campaign

1. You have heard of the campaign and would like to
a) involve children in an already existing partnership.
b) begin or have a contact, but do not have a partner.

2. Arrange a craftwork session in your Sunday School, kindergarten or primary school. Use the materials and designs of this workbook; speak about Germany or invite someone who can speak about another country.

3. The children engage in the handicrafts, making something for their new partner: from the workbook or something typical from their country.

4. Write a letter to the partner group, where you make it clear you would be very happy to receive a reply.

5. Put together a small package with the "surprises" and a letter that gives information about your group. According to if you have a partner or if you are looking for a partner, address the letter:
a) to your existing partnership group.
b) to WORLDWIDE SURPRISE (if you are looking for a partner group in Germany or Switzerland, please do not forget to write down your own address. We will then look for a children's group, so that your children receive an appropriate response).

6. Take the package to be posted or ask someone travelling to Germany if he/she can take it for you (ask someone in your church or in the local/regional church offices if this possibility exists).

7. The children in Germany really look forward to receiving a "surprise" from overseas - and you can also get excited about receiving a reply.

You can receive further information from:

Vogelsangstr. 62
70197 Stuttgart

An example of how it functions

A puppet in pink dress and a little sack full of cloves - to receive this was a great joy for the children in Ober-Olm, a village in Germany. At a children's bilbe day, the Sunday School leader handed over the surprises. He also showed photos from the kindergarten in Tomohon, Indonesia, of the children and their surroundings. Through the accompanying letter, they learned that cloves are a typical spice that grows in Indoesia. Thrilled by the surprise, the children in Ober-Olm also began to do their own handicrafts. Beautiful, colourful "Wichtel"hand puppets were created that the children sent on the way to their new friends in Indonesia. A first contact is made!

The meaning of partnership

Through involvement in church partnerships, children learn from a young age about solidarity, as well as sisterly and brotherly cooperation, as part of a worldwide community. They grow up connected to each other (Eph. 4,15). Campaigns like WORLDWIDE SURPRISE help children to discover each other at the same level - despite different life conditions. Partnership makes it possible to commit together for a better world.